Special Edition: Elephant Gin – Grapefruit 2020

Special Edition: Elephant Gin – Grapefruit 2020

We love experimenting with flavours and combining tradition with modern technology. Gin is the perfect spirit to introduce botanicals to and create new tastes and aromas.

Many exciting partnerships and collaborations have developed over the past few years – for which we produced bespoke and personalised batches as well as launched exotic twists of our original London Dry recipe. 

For Metro, we experimented with one of our favourite fruits – the grapefruit – to develop a twist on our original Elephant London Dry Gin that is bursting with freshness. The aromas of grapefruit and bergamot play an homage to late summer afternoons and inspire a sense of Wanderlust.

Compared to the original London Dry, the Metro special edition has distinct sweet, tart and fresh notes.

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