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The mighty Jumbo and his Alice's Ruin

Cocktail Blog

The Victorians were astounded by the elephant and even more by the mighty ‘Jumbo’, a celebrity animal superstar whose story is said to have inspired the movie Dumbo. A little known fact is Jumbo had an elephant soulmate called Alice and their tale, which started as Jumbo set foot in America, is one wonderful, yet tragic love at first sight story… This winter we raise a glass to the showbiz couple with Doctor Ink’s Curiosities beautiful serve ‘Alice’s Ruin’ served hot in a Victorian Vienna balance percolator. It’s a perfectly balanced heart-warming tipple with Elephant Gin, Citron, Apple, Wassail Syrup, Powderkeg Cutloose.

The tale of Jumbo was also featured in recent BBC Earth documentary with Sir David Attenborough!

Photo by Matt Austin Images.