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Ambo was approximately 4 months old when he was found stuck for around 48 hours in a waterhole in Amboseli. A community member saw the young helpless calf and contacted the Big Life Ranger force. When they arrived, the little calf already freed itself and was wandering alone. After freeing an elephant baby the rangers initially observe from a distance if the mother is returning for her baby. However this time it didn’t seem to have a mother waiting for him. So after hours, they decided to keep him overnight, so that the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) could collect him the next morning. 

The DSWT was able to mobilize a rescue early in the morning and to land in Amboseli despite the driving rain. He was given milk and got prepared for the flight to Nairobi Nursery where he was placed in a dry and warm stable. The little orphan was so exhausted that he lie down on the soft hay and had a long well-deserved sleep with a loving Keeper for company, who made sure the drip kept him hydrated while sleeping. Ambos stable was placed between two other orphans who just arrived in the Nariobi Nursery, too, which helped Ambo to calm down and get softly through his first night. 

Ambo is named after the place where he was found -Amboseli. As of now he settled in very well and is full of character. He loves his two keepers and gets very well along with all the other orphaned elephants.