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Elephant Blog

Elephant Gin has named one batch of its London Dry Gin after Asiphephe, a young bull that Heike Zitzer from Space for Elephants Foundation is looking after. He wears a radio collar which has been inactive for a number of years, making it quite challenging to find him when he is not accompanying one of the herds or bulls that are collared.

The observing humans manage to spot him due to eyes that slant downward more than other bulls and a habit of dragging one of his hind feet every now and again. He’s also been spotted sending a little 4m wisteria tree crashing to the ground so he could feed on the succulent roots and being a trouble maker with other young bulls Kohlewe and Khumbula. He would pick up grass, nibble on it and then throw the rest on his companions. They were, to say the least, not impressed! But hey, we still love a bit of temperament!

Elephant Gin donates 15% of bottle profits to Space For Elephants and Big Life Foundation to support their elephant conservation work.

Text: Heike Zitzer, Anna Ree
hoto credit: Heike Zitzer