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Elephant Blog

Bakoor, named after the Bakoor Windmill was spotted first south of Shingwedzi, South Africa and first photographed in 1993 by researcher Keith Begg. He was recognised by both tusks diverging, right tusk extending slightly longer then the left.

Elephants are part of the mammal order Proboscidea and the family Elephantidae. The Proboscidea order is a diverse group of animals including elephants, hyraxes and sea cows. The Elephantidae family contains two species, Loxodonta africana (the African elephant) and Elephas maximus (the Asian elephant). The Elephantidae family contains today’s living elephants along with the extinct mammoths. Reaching over 4m in height, many with very curved tusks like Bakoor’s.

Text: South African National Parks
Photo copyright: Keith Begg