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Elephant Blog

We came across a special elephant earlier this year through stories told by Dirk Hany – winner and master of absolutely everything out there in the bar and manager world – and on top of all that a genuinely wonderful person.

To no surprise the elephant close to his very heart is named “Big Friendly Elephant” or short BFE who lives near the Nambiti Hills Private Game Lodge and is described as a warm soul among the others.

BFE is an age-old resident about 54 years and with a most distinguishing feature being his half-tusk. No one quite knows the story behind it, but it has been suggested that a serious fight with another bull could have shattered the tip.

Around 600 bottles of the Elephant Gin BFE batch left the distillery earlier this month and with it the many adventurous stories around this gentle giant thanks to the frequent sightings at Nambiti Hills!