Elephant Blog

Bidzane is a young bull living in the Kruger National Park. As his appearance shows significant similarities to Timaka, a known bull living in the same area, his existence was initially questioned. Ms Arks Smith, a SANParks research project member, identified in a detailed submission in 2006 the differences between the two bulls and highlighted the special characteristics of Bidzane. Furthermore she elected him as the 1st price winner in the 2006 Emerging Tuskers competition.  

The magnificent elephant is named in 2007 in memory of Gus Adendorff, who served as a ranger in the KNP for 27 years. “Bidzane” is Swahili and refers to the headdress of the fascinating ranger. 

Identification Characteristics: Bidzane has a very special and unmistakable notch in the middle of his left ear lobe and a notable hole with a scope of 10cm. His left tusk is curving up more than his right one.