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Broken Tooth

Elephant Blog

Here is a fun story about a tusker called Broken Tooth whose name now appears on about 600 Elephant Gin bottles.

Bob Preller from Space For Elephants who often put out lucerne for antelopes to eat during winter time once noticed that Broken decided to start also using this spot as its leisurely feeding ground in the late afternoons, when no other elephants were in the vicinity and the antelopes had left.

It became a different story when Shingwidsi – another bull elephant – got wind of the food source. Broken would stuff his mouth with as much lucerne as he possibly could, scoop another load under his trunk, then move off to a point where he could finish his afternoon snack in peace. On a few occasions his timing was off and both elephants would get there at the same time. Broken would rush in and kick the lucerne all over the place to make it difficult for Shingwidsi to claim his share. This obviously upset the irritable Shingwidsi and often resulted in a rather serious squabble between the two bulls.

Lately we have noticed that Broken has now lost his other tusk too… Perhaps his selfishness went too far.