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Hatlani had a straight right tusk, with a shorter curving left tusk. His tusks are strikingly similar to those of the also deceased elephant bull Mabarule. Hatlani’s name origin remains unkown. He was spotted mostly around Letaba Restcamp and later the Mooiplaas section of the northern Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Hatlani died mysteriously a short time after making his debut in the Mooiplaas section of the Kruger National Park. He had been seen on the Sunset Drive by guests on the 14th October 1999, at the T-Junction to the Mopani restcamp. His carcass was discovered the following morning in the same position. He is believed to have died as the result of an encephalomyocarditis induced heart attack.

Text: South African National Parks
Photo copyright: Save the elephants