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The year 1974 first saw a new wilder group of elephants that came to be known originally as the Peripheral Elephants and then later – as the Western clan in Amboseli. It was through the dust raised by the charging elephants that the patrolling foundations workers seen an unknown female with long, straight tusks and a left ear that flopped forward.

She later became known as Bronwen, a member of the so-called BC family which with the JB and HB families made up a bond group of three families left by the matriarchs Broken Two Tusks, Justine, and the majestic Horatia.

However it was reported that the very beautiful Horatia died in 2002, leaving the leadership of her family under another female, Hazel, her oldest daughter at that time who was probably in her early 40s.

Photo copyright: Save the elephants