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Induna was a regal elephant, strong in stature with tusks that earned him the label of a “tusker”. A tusker is an elephant with tusks that weigh more than 45.45 kg/100 lbs each.

Induna was an amazing sight to behold, with the gentle movements of a patient giant moving through the bush, he carried a pair of the largest tusks in South Africa at the time. Estimated to be about 50 years old, the combined weight of his tusks was thought to be about 107 kg/235 lbs, more than the weight of an average man. Like any elephant, especially a male, Induna didn’t hesitate to claim his territory if needed or trumpet warnings and shake his head at any male attempting to intrude.

The big tuskers in the Tembe Elephant Park are truly magnificent, and losing one always seems sad. Induna lived a long life and died as he should have, of natural causes. Even in death these creatures demand our respect, with their memories living on through stories and pictures, ensuring they will never be forgotten. Farewell Induna, your life was truly one of magnificence.

Photo copyright and text: The Livingstone Weekly