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Jagged Ear

Elephant Blog

Jagged Ear was peaceful in character and impressive in size, roaming around the Chyulu Hills, Kenya. His name originated early in his life due to his jagged left ear. In March 2016, near Big Life Foundation’s Head Quarters, Jagged Ear was spotted limping with a spear wound in his upper hind leg. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) immediately set the Sky Vet into action, who got to the scene by helicopter to ensure Jagged Ear could be treated immediately.

Working together, DSWT, Big Life Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service were able to successfully come to the assistance to this special gentle giant, who unfortunately passed away due to unknown reasons only a year after the rescue.

With a batch of bottles named after Jagged Ear, we hope to spread his story and raise awareness of the human-wildlife-conflict, which has become a huge problem for elephants and other wildlife. As human population grows, people encroach further and further into what used to be ‘wild lands’, resulting in less space and resources for elephants to survive. The tension and conflict is often ‘won’ by angry humans with spears and darts, killing the animals not necessarily for their ivory, but because they feel threatened and don’t want to live in close proximity to wildlife.

Photo credit: DSWT and Big Life Foundation