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Elephant Blog

Khumbula is a staggeringly beautiful, and gargantuan in size elephant from Pongola, South Africa. His thick grey skin often tinged with copper orange soil and wrinkles that cross his entire body like deep fjords. His eyes are always sparkling and wise. A tell-tale sign is his wonky left tusk that protrudes inwards towards his long serpent like trunk. There has never been a more aptly named creature to grace this earth…Khumbula, Zulu for ‘Remember’.

He met his friend Asiphephe, as he sent a 4m wisteria tree crashing to the ground so they could  both feed on the succulent roots that were formally locked tight below in the moisture starved soil.

Khumbula, like other Pongola elephants, is loyal to a fault, which shows through their sense of family and kinship. Their dedication to one another makes you wonder if what you are witnessing is in fact true altruism.

Photo copyright and text: Reece Thornley