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This entry is written in memory of Mac, who was one of the most impressive males in Kruger National Park and often traveled much further than the borders into Associated Private Nature Reserve (APNR) – especially during musth (a bull’s annual cycle of heightened aggressiveness when he is primed to mate).This journey between the reserves must have required him to walk approximately 200km.

As the rangers reported, his mighty presence always seemed to outshine his depletion. While watching Mac making his way on his trips, his special style of walking, calm and rhythmic, whilst carrying over 200lbs of tusks, was beautiful to see.

Mac´s journeys took a sad end in 2013, when he starved to death due to his body not being able to regain his body weight after his last musth cycle. Although Mac will not walk his miles between Kruger National Park and the Private Nature Reserves anymore, he will surely keep on traveling in our memories.