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This bull was named by Dr Ian Whyte in memory of “Mambrrr” – Philemon Chauke, a Research Assistant for many years in the Kruger National Park based in Skukuza. (The origin of his name is believed to come from a locally brewed South African beverage made from peaches known as “mampoer”. The name should be pronounced with a prominent roll of the rrr’s so as to resemble an elephant greeting rumble.)

Mambrrr had curved tusks, largely symmetrical, with the left tusk slightly thinner, longer and more curved then the right tusk.

When found dead, the indication was that the right molar in the upper jaw could have been lost as the result of a fight being dislodged by another bull or by the formation of an abscess which could have forced the tooth out. This would have made eating extremely difficult for this bull and could have been the cause of his death.

Text: South African National Parks
Photo copyright: Jonah Marrais