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This bull was named after the Masorini Hill and archaeological site close to the Phalaborwa Gate, Kruger National Park, SA. He had very clean ears, slight large elongated u-shaped notch on the right ear towards the top of the ear lobe, indistinguishable unless the ears fully extended. Right tusk curved slightly higher then the right tusk.

Masorini was an impressive bull, who was very placid. After confusion as to his existence with the identification of Mastulele, he has since been considered a ‘look a like’ bull as he has been seen in the same area’s and shares very similar characteristics to Mastulele including tusk shape and size, fairly clean ears and truck thickening.

A carcass believed to be that of Masorini was discovered next to the tar road from Phalaborwa to Mopani by Mooiplaas section ranger Johann Oelofse on the 12th February 2010. Recorded features including the shape and size of the ivory and left ear notches lead to the conclusion this was Masorini and not Mastulele. This bull would appeared to have died as a result of injuries caused in a bull fight, a particularly large tusk entry wound was found on the abdomen behind the right front leg.

Text: South African National Parks