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Mbohle, first spotted in 1990 east of Shingwedzi, South Africa, had a V-shaped notch and a hole in his left ear, but was mostly recognised by only having one, left tusk left. Mbohle is a name of a waterhole 2,5km east from the Shigwedzi River, covered by waters in the Kanniedood Dam. Mbohle hasn’t been spotted for quite a while, and is sadly presumed dead. A lot of elephants roam wildly and are not monitored in the wild- the vast space and limited amount of rangers prevent tracking individual movements and localisation of elephants and carcasses. Individual features like one tusk are often the only way of recognising them but they can also change with time. We still hope to see him again – somewhere in the wild!

Text: Kruger-2-Kalahari
Photo copyright: M Roets