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Saibulu was one of few of remaining bigger bulls from the Western area of Amboseli that was killed by illegal hunters in a massive slaughter in the late 1990s. In fact, M10, Thor, Paolo and Saibulu are names that are well remembered by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. Especially famous authors and elephant researchers Cynthia Moss and Katherine Payne who were studying these elephant bulls and their behaviours were deeply affected by their loss.

A male fight between Thor and Saibulu measuring their strength over a female elephant Tia was sighted by Katherine Payne once who had recorded this in one of her reports and the photo below was provided with it.

Since Big Life’s involvement in the area from 2010, illegal poaching has been reduced massively and Amboseli today is known to be greatly protected area for elephants – with over 350 rangers patrolling the area day in and day out.

Photo credit: Katherine Payne