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Waragi is a female elephant of the so-called WA family of Amboseli, Kenya. Born in April 2007, she is the daughter of Wendy II. Waragi’s mum – Wendy lost her own mother (Waragi’s grandma) when she was only two and a half and it seemed to have a detrimental effect on her and upbringing of her own children. She lost two babies before Waragi, but finally in November 1992 gave birth to a calf that survived.

Wendy soon enough shared her mother’s fate leaving Waragi alone at, very sadly coincidentally, the same age of 2.5 years. She was suspected to be poached because she had large tusks for a female and thus would have been a prime target. 

Text: Cynthia Moss and Amboseli Trust For Elephants 
Photo copyright: Wildlife Photography Blog