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Elephant Blog

Yvonne is a female elephant cow from the “Grasses” herd who was first collared in July 2007 when the rangers of the Kruger National Park (KNP) removed a snare from her back foot. As Yvonne is known for her particularly gentle nature, only the KNP ground team was used to treat her wound and to collar her, which went very smoothly as expected. In February 2011 the KNP team was lucky enough to locate her, as her collar needed to be replaced again.

While fitting her new collar, she was given her name after a calm and loving African bush enthusiast, Yvonne Tucker, who spent most of her time with her husband in South Africa. They kindly sponsored the elephant collar as well as the operational costs of two elephants including Yvonne’s second collar. Sadly Yvonne Tucker passed away before the collaring and naming of the elephant cow Yvonne.

Photo copyright: Andrew Howard