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15% aller Flaschengewinne gehen an Elefantenschutzprojekte in Afrika . Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.


Elephant Blog

Joyce was named after a well-known elephant researcher and writer Joyce Poole (the writer of ‘Coming of Age with Elephants’). Joyce was a large, handsome female with thick symmetrical tusks and a scar on her otherwise nondescript ear. She became very close to her name-bearer.

She was the younger sister of famous matriarch Jezebel meant to outlive her to become matriarch herself, carrying on the elephant legacy. However while Jezebel had a long and happy life, dying of natural causes, Joyce was tragically killed by poachers for her ivory, before she could take on that role.

Elephant Gin names each batch after special elephants whose story is worth telling! 15% of profits go to Space for Elephants Foundation and Big Life Foundation.