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Wide Satao

Elephant Blog

Wide Satao is one of Kenya’s well-known biggest tuskers. On 9th of May 2019, Tsavo Trust’s Head of Monitoring, Joseph Kyalo, noticed an unusual behaviour. Wide Satao was moving quickly from a potentially unsafe area outside the park boundary of Tsavo East National Park to a safer location within the Park.

An immediate ground patrol with a monitoring unit identified that he had been hit with an arrow, which was protruding from his right flank. Rapid plans were set in motion to treat Wide Satao, in collaboration with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Save the Elephants Foundation.

As soon as he got immobilised, the team noticed two wounds – one old one on his left flank and the rather fresh wound on his right leg with the arrow clearly exposed. The arrow was successfully removed, and the wound treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Researchers have been observing him every day since then to ensure his full recovery and make sure Wide Satao remains safe.

In fact, it is only with the help of these elephant conservation foundations that rare individuals like Wide Satao can continue to roam wild and free. The big tuskers are under a lot of threats from poachers and farmers, and the more we lose of them, the faster their gene pool diminishes, which ultimately leads these incredible creatures to become extinct.

Source: Tsavo Trust