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Elephant Gin named one of its recent batches in memory of Ndlulamithi - one of the seven former most impressive bull elephants in Kruger National Park. In fact, Ndlulamithi was one of the so-called “Magnificent Seven” whose tusks weighed more than 50 kg each.

Ndlulamithi earned his name from Dr. Anthony Hall-Martin in 1980, who wanted to highlight his size using a traditional Tsonga word meaning “taller than the trees.” His shoulder height was estimated at 11 ft 4 in.

His handsomely curved tusks were significantly more twisted than those of the other large bulls in the Kruger. Known for his aggressiveness and intolerance towards humans, Ndlulamithi was feared and respected by all, including Dr. Hall-Martin who was nearly trampled to death while conducting research on the Kruger’s great tuskers. Ndlulamithi died in 1985, apparently of natural causes.


Photo credit: Paul Bosman