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Satao II

Satao II

Satao II was named after the great Satao - an iconic giant elephant that was poached in 2014 and known as one of the largest tuskers left on earth during his time. A “tusker” is an elephant whose tusks each weigh in excess of 45kg. Satao II grew to be a big tusker himself with each tusk weighing 51kg and 50kg.

Sadly in March 2017, the 45-year old Satao II also fell prey to poachers when he was found brutally killed by a poisoned arrow in Kenya. The Kenyan Wildlife Service rangers were able to find the carcass before the poachers could get to the elephant, which means that the tusks were recovered - and not sold on the black ivory market.

Losing the legendary Satao was devastating news as it leaves only 6 of these tuskers left alive in southern Kenya. In all of Africa, there are approximately 25-30 tuskers left to date - but with current poaching rates, the super tusker genes are expected to die out. In fact, Satao II’s death, and the recent spike in poaching, represent a significant threat to the world’s last-remaining African elephant population.

In Satao II’s case, subsequent investigations identified two people that were arrested and their weapons (12 poisoned arrows and an AK47 rifle) seized.

Photo credit: IBTimes UK