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Big Life Foundation ‘s annual report

Big Life Foundation ‘s annual report

Read our partner Big Life Foundation’s annual report, highlighting the achievements and challenges they faced in 2019.

‘A few years ago we sat down to draft a 10-year strategic plan for Big Life. I remember the lead consultant asking, “What are your targets for anti-poaching?” My instant answer was, ‘’Zero poaching,’’ to which the reply was “that’s not possible.” Well, I am happy to report that it is. In 2019, we lost not a single elephant to poachers in Big Life’s area of operation, which spans over 1.6 million acres. We didn’t lose any rhino either. Some herbivores were poached for bushmeat, but many of those responsible are languishing in custody. The message is out there: poaching is high-risk in this neck of the woods.

Coronavirus did not figure into our strategic plan, either. We could never have imagined the current scenario, keeping our rangers isolated at their outposts and letting those who can work remotely do so. In the face of a global pandemic, things feel unstable and bleak. But let me present some positive news in the midst of this hopefully temporary catastrophe.’

Richard Bonham, Co-Founder and Director of Operations

Read the full report here

photo by Felipe Rodriguez