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Big Life Report 2020 Q4

Big Life Report 2020 Q4

Like for each one of us, 2020 was a year filled with unimaginable challenges.

We are so happy that our partner Big Life Foundation was able to keep their rangers in the field and core operations running at a time when so many could not.

Co-founder Richard Bonham said “It would not have been possible without our supporters and partners. We had some tremendous successes in spite of the odds. Reviewing our numbers, I have to pinch myself.

It’s another year with ZERO elephants and ZERO rhinos poached in our area of operation. Our rangers excel at being nimble and adapting to rapidly changing conditions. In the 4th quarter, they arrested 10 suspects for bushmeat poaching and 26 for trophy possession, removed 95 snares, prevented 25 crop-raids by elephants, prevented 4 lions hunts with our partners, and responded to 23 bushfires.

New challenges await us of course, especially as we fight to keep habitat safe from development for wildlife and livestock to continue to use. We’ll keep you posted as everything unfolds.

In the meantime, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for seeing us through 2020.”

Read the full Q4 Report here

Photos by Jeremy Goss& Matilde Simas – first photo Sgt. Mutinda Ndivo, the winner of Disney Conservation Hero Award