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15% aller Flaschengewinne gehen an Elefantenschutzprojekte in Afrika . Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.

Cocktail Pouches are here!

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Elephant Gin cocktail pouches are HERE!

We’re collaborating with bartenders from all around the world on 6 bespoke world-class Elephant Gin cocktails that you can now enjoy at the comfort of your home!*

These handy pouches are perfect for two servings and perfectly fit in your mailbox in their eco-friendly packaging.

The below super stars creators in this COVID-19 hospitality project get a share of 50 cent from each pouch:
– Andrea Signanini, Hotel Cafe Royal, London
– Ivan Patruno, Bulk Mixology Food Bar, Milan
– Matteo Di Lenno, Locale Firenze, Florence
– Hyacinthe Lescoët, The Cambridge Public House, Paris
– Luca Vezzali, UGO Cocktail bar- Milano, Milan
– Daniele DeAngelis, Argot, Rome

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