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Ab März 2024, werden Zahlungen für den Elefantenschutz aufgeschoben. Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.



Following the successful product launch of the limited Elephant Aged Gin in 2018, we’ve released another 4,000 bottles of our newest Aged edition this summer, which includes an extra finish in Diplomático / Botucal rum casks.

The Elephant Aged Gin II (52%) is rye-based, adding naturally spicy and fruity characteristics. It combines the same 14 botanicals that Elephant London Dry Gin is renowned for, but with increased quantities to achieve a higher concentration of aromas.

The gin was rested in three different types of oak for a year, which adds a well-balanced additional silky spice, sweet smokiness and a pleasant hint of vanilla.

In a final process, the aged gin was further rested in Diplomático Rum casks (from Venezuela) for a few weeks, which gives it an additional warm and sweet caramel aroma!

Elephant Aged Gin II is available in our UK and German shop and currently on its way into other select countries. Stay tuned for more information!