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Elephant Gin Dung Paper Production

Elephant Gin Dung Paper Production

One of the projects that Elephant Gin has been supporting at The Wildlife Spirit education centre is the production of paper – made out of elephant dung. The paper is 100% recycled and 100% odour and bacteria-free. It is produced in a simple and cost-effective way to reuse natural resources.


We now make dung paper cards in various designs with incorporated indigenous seeds inside. After reading and using the card, you can bury it in the ground for the seeds to grow!

The project requires limited cash input due to the fact that there is a constant supply of ‘product’ in the area, the manufacturing tools are uncomplicated and the project is easy to maintain. The final elephant dung paper is utilised by Elephant Gin in promotional materials, as well as around the office. Proceeds from the sale of the paper go towards the improvement and maintenance of the wildlife closeby.

Paper-making workshops for locals and tourists are established at The Wildlife Spirit and has already seen around 200 school children engaging with the production techniques of the project. The project also attracts visitors as well as commercial buyers thus boosting other secondary incomes in the area. Conservation workshops complement this, and the entire community tourism industry directly or indirectly benefits through the development of the facility.

Elephant Gin is very proud to be supporting the initiative and excited to see the tourism industry, as well as surrounding impoverished communities in need of income, benefitting from the project. Apart from producing elephant dung paper, The Wildlife Spirit also offers a breath-taking view over lake Jozini and activities on elephants, indigenous plants, local arts & crafts and more. The site is also an ideal location to rent for special events.