Goodbye Tim

Goodbye Tim

The ones who met him will not forget him. We are incredibly sad about the news of Tim’s death.

Whoever met Tim will not only remember him for the length of his tusks or the title of one of the few surviving great tuskers. Whoever met Tim, will remember him as the human-friendly troublemaker and gentlest giant.

Yesterday we lost a unique personality. An elephant so social, Tim would even be welcome in mature female parades. We lost an elephant we can never replace.

Our biggest thank you to Big Life FoundationSheldrick Wildlife Trust, and every other organisation that worked daily, not only to protect him from poaching and human-wildlife conflict, but also so that he could live his best life in the wild.

Signs indicate that he died from natural causes. As Elephant Gin, we will keep supporting our partnering foundations in their fight against poaching, so that if elephants have to go, then be it the only way. So that not one other elephant is lost to poaching.

Not one other elephant.