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Handmade in Germany

Handmade in Germany

The Made in Germany seal has dented a lasting premium quality connotation in the minds of people all over the world. Now and even moreso than only a few years ago, a new quality standard with a focus on “Handmade in Germany” products has received special attention.

In fact, our fast-paced lives towards everything global have triggered a real shift in perspective.  With a desire for high quality products and produce, we find that anything goes, except mass-production. 

Elephant Gin too values its artisan and handmade approach; from the design of its bottles to each individual step of its production method. This has been recognised by Elephant Gin winning the highly acclaimed Double Gold and Spirit of the Year 2016 Award at the World Spirits Award and Gold as the category winner at the World Gin Awards 2016.


• has officially been selected as part of the Handmade in Germany Worldtour that showcases a number of quality manufactories, artisans and designers to audiences from around the globe.
• makes sure its botanicals are hand-selected and fresh apples cut only minutes prior to the distillation process.
• uses natural cork from Portugal for its bottle stoppers.
• labels and seals each bottle by hand.
• only produces in small batches to ensure consistent high quality is guaranteed.
• macerates all botanicals for as long as it requires to extract optimal level of flavour.
• uses traditional copper distillation.
• works with a calligrapher who handwrites every single label with a name of a past great tusker or an elephant we currently help to protect
• custom-makes each bottle in the form of an old flask.
• adorns each bottle with an African shield and spear: the most precious possessions of the Maasai, Zulu and other tribes that symbolise the defence against attacks.
• takes inspiration from early botanists and explorers to Africa. The logo design as a triangle stamp is a nod to the many letters they wrote to recount their discoveries.