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Introducing Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin!

Introducing Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin!

When the elements can’t settle between winter and spring, it can be hard to imagine that summer is just around the corner. Step inside our distillery, however, and your scents and imagination will immediately ignite with the warm, sunny citrusy scents of our latest edition – Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin.

The Orange Cocoa Edition is our most experimental edition to date

Citrus gins have been around for centuries, but this edition has a modern edge as we went for the decadent flavour combination of chocolate and orange, reminding us of the childhood classic Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

It is citrus-fresh gin variation (40% ABV) combining our award-winning London Dry Gin (Gold, World Spirit Award 2020; Double-Gold at International Spirits Challenge 2019) with fresh, organic Spanish oranges and roasted cocoa beans to create a bright, zesty, and velvety flavour profile. The botanical and herbaceous notes of our Elephant London Dry Gin gives the Orange Cocoa Edition its full-flavoured base. It’s essentially summer, bottled.

According to our Co-Founder Robin Gerlach, the vacuum distilling process was key to keeping the natural rich flavours intact. 

“We vacuum distilled the sweet organic oranges to create an intensely aromatic distillate that keeps all the fine aromas and even adds that extra kick of freshness.” 

It was a real win for Robin to be able to incorporate the cocoa flavours into the product itself. It took many trials and was a lot more challenging than initially expected but worth the outcome. It is the perfect edition to add some vibrancy to your collection.

To achieve the perfect serve, simply combine 50 ml of Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin, 150 ml of Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, with lots of  ice! Top it off with the perfect garnish – a sprig of rosemary and orange twist. It’s the tantalising taste of summer with our weatherproof guarantee.

*Elephant Orange Cocoa Gin works amazingly well in a G & T, dry martini, espresso martini, gin sour, gin fizz and many more.