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Maasai beads meaning

Maasai beads meaning

Elephant Sloe Gin bottle comes with artisanal beaded strings made by Maasai ladies in Kenya. The traditional craft of beadwork accompanies the tribe members throughout their life; often with patterns and colours symbolising marital or social status.

Different bead colours can be used during the composing work with each carrying a specific meaning. On Elephant Sloe Gin bottles we offer 3 eye-catching combinations: green with black and white, white with blue and red, and a multicoloured one with yellow and orange.

Find out more about colour meaning below:
Green – the colour of grass – symbolises land and production
Black – symbolises the people and their struggles
White – peace, health and purity
Blue – the colour of the sky – signifies energy
Red – bravery, unity and blood
Yellow – represents the sun, fertility and growth
Orange – signifies friendship, generosity and warmth