Meet one of the Elephant Gin Explorers – Kate Logvinova

Meet one of the Elephant Gin Explorers – Kate Logvinova

Meet one of the Elephant Gin Explorers – Kate Logvinova! Say hi next time you spot her in Italy, Denmark, Sweden or Czech Republic

Can you tell us a bit more about your journey with Elephant Gin?
My journey started with the botanical buchu and Gin Day in Milan 4 years ago. I came across a bottle of Elephant Gin at a bar and while I was looking through its African ingredients, buchu was described with a smell and taste that I couldn’t imagine – and ultimately wanted to find out more about. So I came to the Gin Day with a very clear plan to find Elephant Gin and ask for buchu. I was lucky, I did get to try it – and also much more!

What’s your biggest adventure up to date?
Leaving Russia… Plus for now it a trip we took as a team to South Africa, seeing how we work with Space for Elephants Foundation. An incredible experience, especially seeing where the inspiration for Elephant Gin comes from and that we can make a difference to wildlife protection in that area. There is something magical when you feel the African spirit and of course, enjoy the sundowners, while watching the African sunset in all its colours. Overwhelming.

What exciting things have you got planned for next few months?
Collaboration with Norie, a Japanese lady based in Milan. Recently, we developed some cocktails together, combining Elephant Gin with Japanese liquors. I am intrigued by Japanese culture and finding out about all the crazy flavours that you can find and mix.

Favourite drink?
Depends on mood, I like martinis and gimlets. After an intense day working behind the bar, I used to drink gin & tonics, but old fashioneds and sidecars are also on my list. Glass of champagne is never frowned upon either…

If you’d be an animal what would you be and why?
With no doubt it’s an animal that is loyal, collaborative, protective, friendly and noble. I leave it for you to figure out which animal fits this description…

Photo: Kate with the Robin, one of the Elephant Gin founders, at Milan Gin Day