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Ab März 2024, werden Zahlungen für den Elefantenschutz aufgeschoben. Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphans’ Project

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphans’ Project

Did you know? – Elephant Gin’s miniature range was created in honour of orphan elephants rescued and raised by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We’ve received a special message from them on #WorldElephantDay, sharing a glimpse of their very special Orphans’ Project, which you are helping us to support with every miniature bottle you buy.

The orphans you see here are all being raised to return to the wild when grown, with the Sheldrick teams securing their long-term protection through broader field initiatives. With 15% profits donated to the Sheldrick Trust from our miniature range, these small bottles make a big impact for conservation!



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