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Special Edition: Elephant Gin Marelet

Special Edition: Elephant Gin Marelet

Special Edition: Elephant Gin Marelet I 2017 & Elephant Gin Marelet II 2019

We love experimenting with flavours and combining tradition with modern technology. Gin is the perfect spirit to introduce botanicals to and create new tastes and aromas.

Many exciting partnerships and collaborations have developed over the past few years – for which we produced bespoke and personalised batches as well as launched exotic twists of our original London Dry recipe. 

The Colleoni family, who run the Michelin-star restaurant Marelet in Treviglio, Italy, have become very close partners and together we have launched two unique batches named “Elephant Gin Marelet I” and “Elephant Gin Marelet II”.

The idea was to create a gin that reflects the true essence of Italy. Our focus became three botanicals: chamomile, laurel berry and lemon, which were added to our original Elephant London Dry Gin recipe. These ingredients were carefully selected and distilled to add a real Italian twist to the gin.

We also made our African buchu, one of Elephant Gin’s favourite ingredients, become a more prominent flavour by infusing its leaves post distillation. The result was a light green colouring of the gin, which perfectly matched Marelet’s green brand identity.

Due to the success of the first edition in 2017, we released a second one in 2019.

Exclusive to Marelet restaurant.