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Wednesday for Wildlife: Elephant Dung Paper

Wednesday for Wildlife: Elephant Dung Paper

This #WednesdayforWildlife reminds us about more sustainable alternatives to daily products. Dung paper, for example, is not just cost-effective, but also a tree-friendly alternative to standard paper!

First, elephant dung goes through a cleaning and boiling process to entirely eliminate bacteria. Then, other natural fibers are added and blended to strengthen the consistency. The mix is then poured onto a screen to take on a paper shape. Let it dry and voilà! 100% odour-free usable paper.

At our education centre The Wildlife Spirit we are producing dung paper which we then use for promotional materials at Elephant Gin. We have also released A4 and A5 sheets, available in our online shop, out of which all proceeds go towards the maintenance of the wildlife close by.

We are currently experimenting with dung paper notepads that for the moment are kept behind closed doors. We are, however, giving 3 of these exclusive notepads away this week. Simply share this post to participate and help us spread the word about Wednesdays for Wildlife.