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Wednesday for Wildlife: Safari etiquette

Wednesday for Wildlife: Safari etiquette

Are you considering escaping the winter blues and going on a safari trip? Then this #WednesdayForWildlife is for you. Safari trips can be one of the most eye-opening experiences out there, but it is critical that we respect the environment we’re stepping into. Here, we have listed some of the key points in safari etiquette:

– Do not exit the vehicle: Stepping out of the car can be tempting but trust us… wildlife is unpredictable and you do not want to become prey while attempting to take your next Instagram photo.
– Talk in moderation: Enjoy the sound of the wild! Being noisy can be disturbing for the tour guide, other passengers passengers and animals alike.
– Avoid abrupt movements: Particularly while animals are around. This might startle them and make them flee or get defensive.
– Respect your tour guide: Be punctual when boarding, avoid interrupting, and do not ask the guide to leave the indicated route.

Last but not least, enjoy the ride!