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15% aller Flaschengewinne gehen an Elefantenschutzprojekte in Afrika . Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.

Why is Elephant Gin handcrafted?

Why is Elephant Gin handcrafted?

Why do we call our gin handcrafted? From each ingredient sourced to the last touch on the packaging, most of our processes are done by hand paying highest attention to detail, ensuring high quality in every step.

We begin by handpicking our botanicals, which are then carefully macerated in a copper still. Our bottles are adorned by hand with a hemp string and a seal around the bottleneck. In the case of our Elephant Sloe Gin, we use bead strings crafted by Maasai women in Kenya. To close our bottles we use hand-punched cork from Portugal. For the final touch, a calligrapher scribes the label with the name of a famous tusker or an elephant currently protected by one of our partnering foundations.

So, every time you drink Elephant Gin, you can taste the craft and dedication invested behind every bottle!