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Ab März 2024, werden Zahlungen für den Elefantenschutz aufgeschoben. Ab €69 liefern wir versandkostenfrei.

World Elephant Day Remembrance Edition

World Elephant Day Remembrance Edition

This World Elephant Day, after hearing about the tragic deaths of over 350 elephants in the Okavango delta region in Botswana, we are releasing a remembrance edition bottle of London Dry Gin to support the ongoing research.

In place of the traditional hemp string with which they are usually decorated, these 350 remembrance bottles will instead display a black leather band that can be worn either as a bracelet or necklace. Each band carries a teardrop bead made from natural sandalwood. Like every Elephant Gin bottle, each is inscribed by hand and carries its own issue number to represent each elephant, and displays the special message – ‘Remembering’.

15% of the profit from each bottle sold goes to Elephants Without Borders, a wildlife conservation organisation in Botswana, which contributed to the flight project to spot and record the incidents. The money will be used to support ongoing aerial survey project.